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Tools for Agile Transformation

by Cara Mia Schneider and Roman Müller

Traffo's Estimation-Value-Priorisation-Matrix


by Roman Müller

Establish a base for high Performance!

let's go!

by Roman Müller

Agile Iterative Iceberg

take a look!

by Roman Müller

Scrum Challenge

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Cool Boards,
Cool Flows!

by Roman Müller

Spaceship Kanban @ Kniff!

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  • In May 2020, we started the project #CHECKINDENMONAT.
    Over the course of a whole year, we provided monthly nudges, challenges, and questions to go through the month with focus and awareness. To have the impulses and inspiration at hand in an analog format, we published a Pixi book at the end of 2022: Our Checkmo Book.