TRAFFO.IO is a small group of people who are passionate about transforming the world of work. We use coaching, agile coaching, agile training, visualisations and other stuff we love to support and guide people. Our aim is to create purpose, fulfilment and fun in your complex cosmos.


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TRAFFO X ZWINZ - Kanban method in the wild
The carpentry Zwinz from Stuttgart developed their individual Kanban board. In an agile training with Traffo they designed their "Tacho" and thus revolutionized and improved the way they work together. You want to know how this process and their resulting "Tacho" works? Find out in this video!



Transformation fast-forward

Transformation aus-dem-FF

Transformation forte fortissimo

We Guide Your Agile Transformation

We accompany organisations that are looking to transform themselves into agile-prone structures. We guide you through your agile transformation and show you how to make your work more fun, efficient and meaningful. We want to help you visualise your ideas, processes, and products, because we think this always makes it easier to see what you are doing.

We Boost Up You And Your Agile Teams To High Performance

We boost up your team to high performance by starting at the base: the team relationship. We build the strategy that is needed to get everything that matters done — together!

We Support You In Mastering Agile Methodologies

Traffo supports organisations by implementing agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc.). No idea as to what we are talking about? No problem! We will help you to understand and master the agile methodologies that you want to learn or are curious about and how to include them in your business.

Individual coaching

Getting stuck is a natural phenomenon that can happen as human beings living in a complex world. It is important to reevaluate and face your “stuck-ness”.
We want to be your companion in those phases where intentional decisions are hard to make, where no direction seems to be the right one, and where solutions seem wrong and non applicable to your situation. It doesn’t matter whether you feel young or old, like an experienced leader or a newbie, confident or bad. Life is complex and a challenge!

We Help You To Have More Fun In (Business) Life

We think we don’t need to add something here 🙂

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